DairyWorks Leadership Skills for Large Dairies

Significant differences exist between successful managers and successful leaders.

Leaders don’t always manage well, and good managers are not necessarily natural leaders. You have probably seen this in your own staff. Do your natural leaders possess the skills they need to manage effectively? Would you like them to become great managers? They can!

Our completely new DairyWorks program will develop both leadership and management expertise in your staff.

At Leadership Skills for Large Dairies, you gain a clear understanding of the differences between leaders and managers. Have you ever identified certain employees as leaders, moved them into management positions such as herdsmen, head milkers, head feeders or calf manager, and had them fail? After attending Leadership Skills for Large Dairies, you’ll be able to explain why this happened and be able to discuss what’s at the very root of the problem. In addition, we’ll give you practical insights on how to develop your Hispanic leaders and managers.

If you own a large, multi-site operation, you’re probably supervising managers. Are you seeing the results you want from your mangers? Are you afraid you might be micro managing? Can you standardize procedures, costs and results amount locations and compare metrics accurately?

We explore these issues at Leadership Skills for Large Dairies and:

  • Clarify how to find and develop good bosses.
  • Explain the technical, cowside skills and the management and leadership skills your middle mangers need to succeed.

So you and your operations have the leadership skills for success. Who should attend?

  • Dairy owners, managers and key middle mangers that can benefit by developing their management skills.
  • Industry professionals, consultants, veterinarians and nutritionists who advise dairy clients.

As with all DairyWorks conferences, the emphasis is on practical information, information you can put to use immediately. We give you real-world solutions to your tough problems.