Training, Audits and Consulting for Dairies

DairyWorks is focused on helping other achieve what they want. We offer several services of Training, Animal Care Evaluations and Audits and Managment Consulting for all levels of Dairies, Milk Processors and Milk Procurement organizations.


Our team provides solutions for Dairy Producers, Milk Processors and Co-ops a well as individuals.

Training for Auditors

We are an independent training solution for individuals needing certified training for NMPF F.A.R.M.

F.A.R.M. Evaluators

Assuring Responsible Dairy Management Through Expert Evaluations and Guidance


DairyWorks provides third party audits solutions through our partnership with Validus, a division of Where Food Comes From

Cow Care & Dairy Wellness Employee Training

DairyWorks solution for Dairy Producers and Processors to improve their Animal Care Programs, with customized solutions on the dairy farm level.


The premier provider of practical dairy management information. Our team provides Milk Quality, Labor Management, Animal Care, Feed Management consulting. Our service offering resiginates back to our founder Dr Tom Fuhrmann.

We want to help your Dairy succeed, Let’s Talk

A lifetime passion for the dairy industry as well as a desire to preserve the values, ethics and morals of the Dairy Farmer. As a former dairy farmer, I have always wanted to give back and pay forward the skills I have learned from my parents, mentors and fellow consultants.

-Terry Battcher