GPS Feed Push Monitoring

Assisting Dairies achieve the results they expect.

Measure what matters.

Our Feed Push Tracker assists you by “Measuring the Expectation.”

We help you to establish your plan for feed push scheduling, then using GPS and programing technology we measure the effectiveness of what was expected.

Your dairy will receive a weekly Feed Push Summary, scoring how well feed was pushed during the previous week and what scheduled times were missed the most often. This type of Key Performance Indicator helps build the intrinsic fire and competition in your team to achieve the results you are expecting.

Installation is simple and fast with a 2-wire GPS unit and you can be up in running.

If you’re curious, give us a call or text to learn how you can be using inexpensive technology to improve all the benefits of improved Feed intake and uncover the obstacles from improving profitability.

Achieving the results, you deserve.

Weekly scheduled reporting.