Elevate Your Dairy Farm Standards with Expert Audits

Focused on Animal Care and Performance

Optimize Operations, Ensure Animal Welfare, and Boost Your Farm’s Performance

Are you having difficulty identifying areas for improvement in your dairy farm operations? Concerned about upholding the highest standards of animal care and adhering to industry guidelines? DairyWorks offers the expert audit services you require to succeed in all aspects of your dairy business.

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Our audit services include:

First Party Animal Care Audits

Get an unbiased assessment of your farm’s animal care practices, identify areas of strength, and implement recommended improvements.

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Second Party Animal Care FARM Evaluations

Ensure your commitment to responsible dairy management by adhering to F.A.R.M. (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) standards, with guidance from our certified evaluators.

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Third Party Animal Care Audits through Validus

Independent verification of your farm’s animal care practices, partnering with Validus, a leading certification body in animal welfare auditing.

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Parlor Performance and Efficiency

Our team is equipped to provide milk parlor performance and give an independent evaluation of you milking equipment, your procedures and employee’s performance. We help you develop a plan to improve and work along your milking team to cultivate the culture of improvement you want to achieve.

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